What denomination are you?

We are an independent Catholic Church with Spiritual Protection from The independent Old Catholic Church, an apostolic denomination that is Catholic in ritual with orthodox Biblical beliefs. The spiritual direction for the IOCC comes from its’ Patriarch based in Ogdensburg, New York. Holy Spirit of Hope is independent from the Roman Catholic or any other church, but part of the body of Christ.


How is your Sunday service?

Our Sunday service is charismatic in nature, i.e. lively contemporary praise and worship. Weekly Bible readings are those assigned by a Liturgical Calendar – similar to the Episcopal, Methodist or Roman Catholic liturgy. At times we use special teachings that preempt use of the Liturgical Calendars. The service is catholic in ritual, with strict adherence to the Word of God.


Who is accepted to your Sunday service?

Like Jesus, we welcome people from any walk of life. Our parishioners come from a multitude of denomination and religious upbringings.


Are sacraments of Holy Spirit of Hope accepted in a Roman Catholic Church?

Holy Spirit of Hope church celebrates the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Healing with the same form and matter as the Roman Catholic Church. We have no rules that exclude people from receiving the sacraments.  Candidates are prepared for the sacrament with appropriate Biblical teachings. Because each church pastor determines the validity of sacraments received from another church, it is difficult to determine who will accept sacraments celebrated at Holy Spirit of Hope.


What are the requirements for Holy Spirit of Hope clergy?

Clergy, male and female, are called by God. Non-clergy and Clergy ordained in other Christian denominations are welcome, with appropriate screening and training.  Applicants are interviewed to determine the validity of the call by God to serve. Criminal and mental screening is necessitated to protect the parishioners.


Do you have a Seminary?

Yes!  We use Agape Seminary of the IOCC through which candidates for the priesthood are prepared for ordination. The courses include among others as needed, Instructions in the Faith and The life in the Spirit Program, which must be taken before a man or woman is considered for Ordination. These courses are through distance learning and where possible personal mentoring.

Contact Clergy of Holy Spirit of Hope hold valid faculties of apostolic succession.


Who is allowed to receive Communion?

Jesus accepted Judas to communion, so we accept that the communion table is open to anyone who believes in the sanctity of the Eucharist. All are welcome, including divorced people.


Do you marry divorced people?

Divorces are hated by God, yet divorces occur due to many circumstances. Couples having experienced a divorce are still loved by God. Through appropriate Christian Marriage training, divorced people can enter into a new and eternal union through our church without exhausting annulment procedures.


Can I bring my children to service?

Jesus said that unless we come as little children we cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Children of any age are always welcome and you will be in good company with many other mothers and fathers bringing their little ones to our Sunday service.


We conduct a Children’s church during the Sunday service to help the little ones learn the same theme their parents or guardians are learning. All come together for fellowship meal after service.