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Holy Spirit of Hope

Catholic Christian Community

including Day Care & Learning Center

7728 Alameda Ave.  El Paso, TX  79915


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Rev. Robert Ortega, DD, PE

Rev. Robert Ortega is Presiding Bishop of the Independent Old Catholic Church Diocese of the Southwest and Pastor of Holy Spirit of Hope Church in El Paso, TX that his family founded in May 2002.


He was ordained priest in 2002 by Archbishop Michael (RIP) of the Catholic Charismatic Church and was consecrated Bishop of the Catholic Charismatic Church in 2007.


After the death of Patriarch †Michael in February of 2011, the Catholic Charismatic Church fell into disarray so Holy Spirit of Hope found spiritual cover at the Independent Old Catholic Church under Archbishop Maurice McCormick.


Rev. Ortega completed service to his country in 2010 as a Captain (O-6) in the U.S. Public Health Service, serving as an engineer with the Indian Health Service on Indian Reservations during the Vietnam era.


Born in El Paso, TX, he completed Ysleta High School then earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso. He retired from federal government in 2004 after achieving the rank of a senior executive officer as Acting Commissioner to the International Boundary and Water Commission.


Rev. Ortega continues to provide engineering and construction consulting as a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas. He continues committed to Martha who has blessed him with 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 great grands.


Rev. Melissa Ortega

Rev. Melissa Ortega currently serves as Associate Pastor at Holy Spirit of Hope church in El Paso, TX.


Rev. Melissa was ordained on December 19, 2015 as a priest in the Independent Old Catholic Church by Most Rev. Robert Ortega, Bishop of the IOCC Diocese of the Southwest.


Rev. Melissa has undergone extensive biblical training from 1992 to the present. She has led ministries including bible studies and children’s learning.


She was blessed by God in September of 1992 with her only child, †Amanda Ann Elise. They were constant companions to each other for their entire life until Our Lord called †Amanda home…after giving life to twins James Robert and Jude Michael.


Among the ministries closest to the heart of Rev. Melissa are overseas missions. Her first mission trip was to provide medical assistance to the needy in Juarez, MX while a medical student. Although encountering disabling lupus in 1994, she has enjoyed mission assignments to the Azores of Portugal, Uruguay, the Philippines and Venezuela. †Amanda joined her on most of her mission trips.


Pastor Melissa was born in 1973 in Yuma, AZ, graduating from Riverside High School. She maintains her home in El Paso with her grandchildren James and Jude and 4 cute doggies.


Deacon Patricia Letto, DD

Patricia Letto was Ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Charismatic Church in 2005 by †Bishop Elias Vaporis.


Patricia married Ned Letto in 1959 and they have 3 children, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.  She came from a Protestant background, but was baptized Roman Catholic in 1958 in Melrose Park, Illinois.


In 1976, Pat was baptized by the Holy Spirit leading to an arousal of her ministry. She volunteered as a Catechist in Adult Religious Education from 1997 to 2003 at Roman Catholic churches in Virginia and Texas. She has taught and currently teaching, Adult Religion and Scripture classes in Roman Catholic Churches in Virginia, Texas and Arizona, from 1997 to present.


Patricia’s spiritual development included many retreats and seminars, leading to Commission as a Spiritual Director in 2001. Patricia earned a Doctorate in Divinity in 2010 from Christ The King Theological Seminary, Inc., in Tampa, Florida, majoring in Spiritual Direction.


Patricia’s ministry includes the following: Director of Birthright, Inc. (crisis center) in Blacksburg, Virginia; offered and conducted several Retreats in Virginia, Texas, Arizona; leading a weekly Charismatic Prayer Group in Arizona; leading bi-monthly Women's Spirituality Group in Arizona; is a Spiritual Director specializing in Dream Interviews within Spiritual Direction; active in Marriage Ministry in Arizona (Program FOCCUS: and Sacramental Marriage in the Catholic Church).


Deacon Pat is serving in Sierra Vista, Arizona area as God provides ministry.


Rev. Father David A. Brown

Rev. Father David Brown currently serves as Pastoral Assistants at Holy Spirit of Hope church in El Paso, TX.


Father David was ordained on April 20, 2018 as a Priest in the Independent Old Catholic Church by Most Rev. Robert Ortega, Bishop of the IOCC Diocese of the Southwest. He was trained under the guidance of Bishop Robert at Holy Spirit of Hope church.


Father David energetically and studiously approaches his ministry. He recently added the Doctor of Divinity and Doctor Divinity in Pastoral Counseling to his long list of degrees and certifications. His main interest is Christian counseling as he adds to retirement income by providing counseling to the public. 


His scriptural design counseling will improve the lives of Children, Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups. His specialties are: Addiction Treatment, Sanatorium Priest, Interdenominational Counselor, Mediation Work, Pastoral Associates Conferencing, Anger Management, Court Ordered Therapies and Play Therapy for Children.


Father Brown was born in 1961 in Lubbock, TX and has lived on both coasts and was raised in Hutchison, KS. Married since 2006 to Terry, they share responsibility for 7 children and 13 grandchildren.


Father David served in the U.S. Navy from 1979 to 2003, retiring at the rank of Chief Petty Officer.


Rev. Elizabeth Ornelas (bio under development)