The Sacrament Of Marriage

At Holy Spirit of Hope, we help people understand and enter into a personal relationship with the Biblical Jesus through spiritual teachings from the Pastor prior to the ceremony. This action helps the couple live up to their lifelong commitment.

We celebrate your marriage through a Catholic Mass or a Non-Catholic Christian Service and the date for your wedding is according to your schedule!

We Can Help

If you think you cannot celebrate a Wedding in a church, God and Holy Spirit of Hope will serve you. Many couples go through life wishing they were able to have a ‘church’ wedding, but their church will not marry them. We at Holy Spirit of Hope will want to help you fulfill that dream of having a ‘church’ wedding.

How we Have Helped Others

1. A couple was refused marriage while at the altar, their limo driver called us, and we celebrated their marriage in our Church the same day.

2. A couple tried unsuccessfully for 30 years to get annulment of previous marriage; we annulled previous marriage and celebrated their new marriage in 3 months

3. A couple went through 1 year of classes and 1 month before marriage were told by priest & bishop they could not be married; we celebrate their marriage.


Holy Spirit of Hope requests participation in pre-marriage counseling session with Pastor and that you purchase an El Paso County Marriage License.

For more information on how to purchase the license please visit the County of El Paso website.